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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where do I get an application form?

A) You can download an application form from the website. Alternatively you can email kay@gordonandenabaxterfoundation.com or call us on 01343 822 599. You can complete and forward a copy of your application form by e-mail which you can complete electronically and save changes as you go along, or we can send you a paper version of the form.


Q How can I get help with an application?

A) We do want to make the application process as easy as possible.  You can call 01343 822599 for an informal chat with the Foundation Manager to assess the eligibility of your project.


Q) Do you require a hard copy of the application form?

A) We prefer to receive a paper copy of your application form duly signed by an authorised person within the charity/organisation.


Q How do you decide who gets awards?

A) Every application is assessed individually by Trustees on an ongoing basis.  Awards are made based on the project fitting with the criteria of the Foundation, as detailed on this website.   The Foundation is keen to fund projects which are well-managed and can provide a proven track record in the community they serve.  Trustees are also interested in funding groups/charities which are pro-active in their own fundraising activities.   The Foundation is limited to an annual budget.  There are many appellants over the year and, unfortunately, we will not be able to assist every project.


Q) Do you require to see financial accounts?

A) Yes.  We will require to see copies of the last 3 year’s financial statements.


Q Can I apply for salary and/or overhead costs?

A) No. We do not consider funding running costs or salary/wages overheads.


Q) Do you fund individual sponsorship?

A) No.  The Foundation does not enter into individual sponsorship agreements.


Q)  Do you fund retrospectively?

A) No.

Q)How soon can you reapply for another award?

A) You must wait one year before reapplying.


Q) Is there a minimum amount you can apply for?

A) Awards vary from £100 to £25,000.  All awards will be thoroughly investigated before being considered at Application Meetings, which take place twice a year.  These are generally in March and October.  Please contact the Foundation Manager for closing dates for submissions.


Q) Can I get funding for more than one year at a time?

A) Yes, funding can be given in tranches over a number of years, the timing to be decided by Trustees on the individual merit of the project concerned.  The Foundation will also consider match funding.


Q) If I am unsuccessful, can I get some feedback on this?

A) Yes. Whoever assessed you application will be able to explain why funding was not awarded.


Q) What do I need to do if I have an award but can’t spend the money on what we’d planned?

A)  All awards are made for specific projects.  If you have received an award and are unable to do what you originally intended with these funds, it is important you contact us right away.   It may be possible for our Trustees to change the award reason, or, if what you want to do with the money no longer fits with our priorities, you may have to return the award to us. If you are unable to spend the money, we will require to repatriate the funds.


Q) What if I need longer than originally planned to spend the money?

A) Projects can sometimes be delayed, so after investigation, an extension may be granted to our awards. If you think you won’t be able to spend the money within the allocated time, get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss this further.


Q) If I receive an award, what sort of follow-up is there?

A) A condition of every award is that a report is sent to us each year or on request at any time.  This is to ensure that the monies awarded are being used as originally planned.  It also lets us keep records of what is happening with the money we have awarded and the impact this is having on the people who benefit. It is also a condition of an award to maximize publicity for the Foundation through the press, social media, website, literature etc.


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